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What Is Christian Science? Christian Science Beliefs

Mary Baker Eddy, now considered a Christian scientist published a book called Science and Health in 1875, where she claimed that healing is possible through prayer. The book looked at the Christian religion, and she obtained her inspiration through closely studying the Bible. Soon after, a religious movement known as Christian Science was born, and …


Project: Profiles of Fortitude: An Oral History of the Clandestine Life of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, 1946-1989.

Historical Prerequisites for the Project’s Development Among the many topics from the Soviet era arousing scholarly imagination is the history of the underground Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC). From 1946 to 1989 the UGCC entered, adapted to, and ultimately lived a clandestine experience, in many respects unprecedented in religious history. Within a modern totalitarian society …

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Research the historical inheritance of church life in Ukraine in the broad Euro-Asian context, critical re-thinking of different aspects of church life by using the newest methodological approaches of contemporary scholarship. Goals Finding, systematizing and publishing the sources of the history of the church in Ukraine Collection and analysis of oral accounts of members of …